Campaigning in the Oldham West and Royton byelection, Ukip leader says Labour has ‘Blairite’ candidate who is standing for a divided party

Nigel Farage accused Jeremy Corbyn of wanting “complete freedom of movement”, including the scrapping of any immigration limits, as the Ukip leader campaigned for votes in the forthcoming Oldham West and Royton byelection.

Visiting Oldham’s war memorial in the rain on Friday, Farage said Labour had chosen a “Blairite” local council leader, Jim McMahon, to fight the byelection. McMahon is “very much at odds with Corbyn on very many things”, said Farage, suggesting his party could take advantage of “a sort of civil war” being fought in Labour ranks to overturn the 14,738 majority won in May by Michael Meacher, who died last month.

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