Readers may not know that they can buy new clothes and trainers/boots online via Amazon’s Calais wish list for the people living in squalor and misery in the Jungle at Calais. Providing the items you list (We are humans not animals, G2, 4 November) is not an insurmountable task. I have just made a large bulk purchase of men’s waterproof trousers which Amazon informs me will be delivered by Monday next at the latest. Surely this is a more efficient and humane response than providing ill-fitting cast-offs to the 6,000 desperate people living in appalling conditions which our government refuses to do anything about.
Vivienne Barton

• If people really want to view these undoubtedly “iconic” outfits (Thatcher dresses go under hammer, 3 November), they should do it via the only means that PM Thatcher herself would have approved of: private enterprise. Let them pay in some non-public setting to see such wonders.
Gary Bennett

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