Just over a year ago I’d found out that the former Home Secretary now Prime Minister Theresa May was barren.
Over her six years reign as Home Secretary she had amended the Human Rights Act over 46,000 times.
Any one who comment a crime of any sort or a minor breach in the Law, under the amended version of the 2007 immigration Law they are now liable for automatic deportation.

As a result of Theresa May 46,000 amendment to the Human Rights Act, families are being ripped apart, separated from one another.
In a lot of cases, people have been removed from the United Kingdom back to a their native country which they have left since they were toddlers and have no knowledge or recollections of.

No disrespect at all to the women out there who can’t have children. I’m sure some of you would have been brilliant parents. 
Having said that, when former Prime Minister David Cameron appointed Theresa May as Home Secretary this was the beginning of modern day genocide in the United Kingdom.  How could someone who can’t have children, someone who don’t know or ever experienced the maternal / human connection between two people, a child or children  to be in charge of Human rights??

A lot of people may disagree with me, however, it’s my opinion. 
Andrea Leadsom who was in the race for the Prime Ministerial role said in her campaign that Theresa May wasn’t fit become Prime Minister as she wasn’t a mother.  She don’t know or understand families and family life. This was a true and fair statement, however, the hierarchies forced her to withdraw from the race because of her comment.

Theresa May appointment as Home Secretary was like;  Adolf Hitler been the head of the Jewish Church.  Appointing a paedophile to run a after school club.
I live in the UK for over twenty years. I’ve been married for twenty two years  with four children and two grandchildren.  I had an indefinite leave to remain revoked after I’d served time in prison for drug offence.

During my time in custody, I’d completed over thirty five course.  Three of those were to address my offending behaviour.  All the others I’d done off my own back to better myself.  I had  embarrassed the rehabilitation process to the fullness,  however, this didn’t count for nothing when it came to preventing my removal from my family and  the UK.

The probation service who are in charge of offenders rehabilitation progress inside and out side of prison deemed me low risk on every level there is.  However, the Home Office who haven’t got any knowledge or professional training in supervisor role regarding ex offenders deemed me and all the other foreign nationals who committed an offence as high risk to the public /community.

I wad told by the Home office and the immigration judges that I can raise my children via Skype contact. 
Again, I strongly believe this is a act of modern day genocide in the United Kingdom.